Which of the following types of trade promotion allows the channel member to return unsold merchandise for a full or partial refund, thus reducing the risk of carrying the product?


Question 1

Which of the following types of appeals focuses on the functional or practical aspects of the product and emphasize facts, learning, and persuasion?

Question 1 options:

Emotional appeals

Social appeals

Informational appeals

Behavioral appeals

Question 2

Which of the following best describes a communication activity that includes elements such as coupons, point-of-purchase savings, sweepstakes, rebates, and free samples?

Question 2 options:


Trade promotion

Direct-mail marketing

Consumer-oriented promotions

Question 3

Which of the following is the advantage of public relations?

Question 3 options:

The message is very unlikely to damage a company’s reputation.

The sponsoring company has full control of the message promoted.

The message originates from an unbiased source.

The message is almost always positive.

Question 4

Which of the following types of informational appeals focuses on the dominant attributes or characteristics of the product or service, or the benefits provided?

Question 4 options:

Competitive advantage appeals

Feature/benefit appeals

Favorable price appeals

News appeals

Question 5

Which of the following approaches to budgeting attempts to spend at levels proportional to the competition’s spending?

Question 5 options:

Decision calculus



Competitive parity

Question 6

Which of the following is used to develop an image-oriented advertisement which is used for product categories where it is difficult to establish tangible differential advantages?

Question 6 options:

Emotional appeals

Competitive advantage appeals

News appeals

Feature/benefit appeals

Question 7

Companies often receive feedback from user groups who form their own electronic clubs who can form a collective opinion and quickly supply information about new or developing products. These electronic clubs are known as:

Question 7 options:





Question 8

__________ appeals make either a direct or indirect claim of superiority against a targeted or general class of competitors.

Question 8 options:

Product or service popularity


Competitive advantage


Question 9

The stage where customers are becoming aware of the product and developing knowledge of the product’s attributes and benefits is known as:

Question 9 options:

cognitive stage.

evaluation stage.

behavioral stage.

affective stage.

Question 10

Flighting or pulsing can lead to:

Question 10 options:

lower total recall.

higher temporary peak in recall.

higher total recall.

lower temporary recall.

Question 11

Which of the following is an action-focused marketing event that attempts to get customers to purchase within a limited period of time?

Question 11 options:

Sales promotion

Marketing research

Market segmentation

Market penetration

Question 12

Bonus packs which offer larger sizes for the same price as a smaller size are used for:

Question 12 options:

price-oriented promotion.

horizontal promotion.

product-oriented promotion.

trade promotion.

Question 13

Which of the following is the dominant form of price-oriented promotions?

Question 13 options:





Question 14

Which of the following is the largest part of the advertising/promotion budget?

Question 14 options:

Consumer-oriented price promotions

Consumer-oriented product promotions

Retailer promotions

Trade promotions

Question 15

Which of the following best describes off invoice allowance?

Question 15 options:

Offering channel members below-market interest rates

Offering channel members a discount on orders for a fixed period of time

Offering money to help the channel members sell its products

Offering channel members a long period of time before payment is due

Question 16

Identify the trade promotion that is the most risky for a company.

Question 16 options:

Place-based promotions

Product-based allowances

Price-based promotions

Sales-based incentives

Question 17

Which of the following types of trade promotion allows the channel member to return unsold merchandise for a full or partial refund, thus reducing the risk of carrying the product?

Question 17 options:

Product-based promotion

Sales-based promotion

Place-based promotion

An off-invoice allowance

Question 18

Most sales promotion money is spent on product categories in which:

Question 18 options:

the cost of producing goods is very high.

decision making is routine.

the product is very costly and exclusive.

the product is highly complicated.

Question 19

Consumer-oriented promotion gives customers a reason to purchase the product. This process represents:

Question 19 options:

horizontal promotion.

push promotion.

pull promotion.

vertical promotion.

Question 20 Procter & Gamble ran a repeat-purchase-oriented promotion for its Pampers brand of disposable diapers, where parents obtained points from each purchase redeemable for Fisher-Price toys. This is an example of:

Question 20 options: