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No one can change a person, it can only come from within. No amount of money, stipulations, agreements can change behavior unless that person truly wants to change! Comments?


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Research has shown that behavior and characteristic can influence a person’s actions and moods. Through behavior approach, one can understand a client fully and able to tell the progress in dealing with him. Andrews and Bonta say this approach relies on the fact that understanding an individual’s behavior. The changes taking place is a great measure of the kinds of decisions on the actions he may choose to make (Andrews & Bonta, 2010). Understanding that an individual has changed or is changing positively with time is determined by analyzing their current behavior and comparing to their past. In the court, the judge and the attorney usually consider the client’s past behavior records to the current ones. If the approach has enabled the client change positively over time, that is, making better decisions and being in better control of his emotions then that is a score in front of the judge.





Andrews, D. A., & Bonta, J. (2010). The psychology of criminal conduct. Routledge.

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