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Do you think the 4th amendment should be modified in any way?


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The Fourth Amendment can be affirmed to be a part of U.S Constitution that expounds to individuals on the right to certainties concerning persons, areas of residence and papers they possess. Additionally, affirms on the effects attributed to unreasonable searches and seizures. There should be no violation of warrants upon issue but only on probable cause, which in turn it has to be echoed by an Oath (Huff, 2014). The interesting part of this is that the place intended to be charged to be particular described, and both the persons or things need to be seized. This provision is of the vast essence as it protects people’s right to privacy and freedom in connection to government intrusions. This calls for a demonstration of an expectation of privacy which has to be acknowledged reasonably in the society. It’s worth noting that private interventions do not fall under government authority but far separate from the Fourth Amendment (Huff, 2014).



Huff, L. E. (2014). Fourth Amendment. New York: Nova Science Publishers.


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