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To complete the simplified version of the report please follow these steps:

  1. Create a strategy map for an organization of your choosing
  2. Identify the HR deliverables (outcomes) from the strategy map and develop an HR strategy map, that links back to the organizational map.
  3. Explain how your HR architecture (policies, processes, and practices) will align, to allow HR to deliver on your identified deliverable.
  4. Explain how the HR architecture (policies, processes, and practices) for your identified deliverable would align (horizontal alignment) with other pieces of HR architecture to reinforce each other.
  5. Develop an HR Scorecard
  6. Add the metrics, measures, scores & targets to your HR Scorecard

You are encouraged to use graphs and tables to make key points stand out, but don’t forget that you must still explain very clearly to the reader what the graphs and tables mean, and how and why they are relevant to your report (don’t assume the report reader will understand!).