assist week 7

Signature Assignment: Create an Organizational Culture of Person-Centered Quality Health Care

There are two parts to complete your assignment for this week. Please review the instructions carefully.

Part 1:

 Access the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's Quality Improvement Essentials Toolkit at the link in your Weekly Resources. Once at the link, you may be prompted to create an account to access the IHI Toolkit and the Driver Diagram. By creating an account, you will have access to many resources provided by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.  

 you will select the
Driver Diagram from the list of tools.

 Download the template and save the template to your computer with your standard file-naming protocol. Be sure this file name includes the words Driver Diagram. Note: When downloading the template using the Chrome browser and the download arrow, a message appears asking if the form is to be saved “with my changes” or “without my changes.” Be sure to save with your changes even if you haven't made any changes. This action will save the template with your work, otherwise, it will not be saved.

 Close your browser after saving the form.

 Find the file you just saved on your computer and open it up.

 Read the information about Drivers in the form and review the example in the template.

 Scroll down and start filling out the template using the title
Create an Organizational Culture of Person-Centered Quality Health Care as your Aim.

 Continue to fill out the entire diagram by reviewing your weekly reading assignments and conducting your own additional research.

An example of how the Driver Diagram should look as you begin filling in the template is shown in Figure 8. In this example, there are Primary Drivers listed which you may use in your diagram or you can select different Primary Drivers. 

Driver Diagram Example 

Driver Diagram Example

Part 2:

Once you have completed and saved your Driver Diagram, you will prepare a Perspective Paper discussing your rationale for selecting the Primary Drivers, the Secondary Drivers, and the specific ideas to move toward creating an organizational culture of person-centered quality health care. Keep in mind, your perspective will provide a reasoned argument why you selected the drivers and ideas.
Hint: A good method to use when preparing a perspective paper is the A-B-C-D-E method; answer the question why the selections were made, back up your decisions, critique your decisions, defend your decisions, and evaluate your decision against other alternatives.  

Be sure your Perspective Paper contains an Introductory section, a section with the Body of your report, and a Summary Section. In addition, you will submit your Driver Diagram in one of two ways. You may either take a screenshot of your completed Driver Diagram, paste it into a new Word document, crop it as seen in Figure 8, then right-click on the cropped area and select Save as Picture. Save the cropped area as a picture on your computer, giving it the same file name and the original Driver Diagram. Insert your saved picture of your Driver Diagram in your report as an Appendix. Enlarge the picture so it fills the Appendix page to the page margins. Be sure to consult APA formatting guidelines when using an Appendix. 

Alternately, in lieu of the Appendix page, you can upload your Driver Diagram as a separate document when you submit your Perspective Paper. Be sure to refer to the separate Driver Diagram document in your Summary Section.    

Part 1:
The Driver Diagram is one page if used as the Appendix in the Perspective Paper. If uploaded as a separate document, your completed Driver Diagram template is 1 page of the 4-page IHI document.  

Part 2: The Perspective Paper is a minimum of 3 pages, not including the title page, reference page, and Appendix page if used.

References: Include a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed resources. Other scholarly and credible sources may also be used as supplemental support.