1. What are the barriers/challenges described in your readings that you also face in your environments as you attempt to provide family focused nursing? (e.g. family as client, family as context, family as barrier, family as caring process, family as resource)
  2. Reflect on nursing practice that views family as the unit of care and nursing practice that views family as contextual to the individual patient. Do you believe that current nursing practice most often views family as the unit of care or family as a context to the situation? How do these two views differ.
  3. Develop 5 questions focusing on one of Denham’s Core Processes.  Interview a client in your workplace or within your community and describe their answers to your questions.  Identify family routines and factors related to family health routines.
  4. From the Khalili article, what were the most significant aspects of the illness transition for the family? What resources did the family need/want? What were the barriers and facilitators to obtaining the needed resources or supports? What may have changed in the care situation for the family if the family would have been viewed as the unit of care?
  5. Using one of the family theories/frameworks described in the literature reflect on an illness experience in a family. (You can reflect on a family you have cared for in your nursing practice.) Consider how family structure, function, and process influenced the family health experience and outcomes. Analyze the experience from a family theory/framework perspective.
  6. Use your reading on a One Question Question by Duhamel et al (2009) to practice this questioning strategy with a family. Share your reflections and outcome.