he student will:

• Apply critical thinking through participation of selected topics

• Engage in thoughtful discourse with peers

• Incorporate topic discussion into clinical judgment and decision making within the setting

Scenario: Safety

A 77, year old woman is hospitalized for management of her diabetes. She has a history of functional urinary incontinence and poor vision from the diabetes. The nursing staff observes her climbing over the side rails on numerous occasions at night en route to the bathroom. She is quite agitated during this time. The nursing assistant requests that you obtain an order for a body restraint at night to prevent her from falling out of bed.


Part 1:

• The original post must be at least 300 words in length

• Should this patient be restrained to prevent injury?

• Would you request the order for a body restraint? Why, or why not?

• What other information is relevant to this case?

• What nursing interventions could be tried before considering a restraint?

How does best practice address the concern for safety in this scenario?

Describe a situation that illustrates the points being made. Simply agreeing or disagreeing with a post is NOT adequate.


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