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1)In your opinion, a) what is the origin or basis of what we consider right and wrong? 

b) How do you determine your actions when considering a choice between two options, one of which may benefit you more but be somewhat unethical (for example, keeping the extra money the ATM gave you by mistake) and another which may be the right thing to do, but not so beneficial? 

c) Why is there often a difference between what we espouse as right and wrong and how we behave? What do you think about Bobby’s story?

2) Consider the relationship between ethics, values and choices. How do you make ethical choices that reflect your values? Give an example.

3)Comment on the following:

a. After reading your lecture notes for this week, do you believe competition in criminal justice is a “good” thing, ethically speaking? Why or why not? Comment on this while considering what Chapter 6 says about the social contract and reconsidering justice.

b. Comment on the Stanford Prison experiment in terms of human universals, empathy and human intuition as discussion in Chapter 6. Was it moral to conduct in the first place? Was it right to stop it when it was stopped? What do you think are some of the implications of this experiment for udnerstanding humany ethical behavior? 


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