Last week you provided an overview of each nurse theorist/and or nursing theory that you have chosen.
This week, please expand upon your initial post by describing a situation from your experiences in nursing in which you would apply your particular nursing theories.
To be clear, you will describe a situation in detail and then apply each of your nursing theory(ies) to that situation separately.
Be sure to pick and example that clearly illustrates the strength of each nursing theory in application to either nursing practice, nursing research, nursing education, or nursing administration.
Describe why the classification of each theory is appropriate for the situation you have described.
Compare and contrast the the usefulness of each of your theories to this particular situation.

Be sure to use appropriate APA citation and when responding to your peers, begin with addressing them personally and end your response posting with your name.
Guidelines for Weekly Discussion Postings/ Discussion Participation: The online discussions will provide opportunities to explore different topics, share what you are learning with your classmates, and gain clarity about the course content. Your discussion responses should demonstrate critical thinking skills and your responses should be thoughtful and promote respectful discourse with the other students in the class. The rules of common courtesy are to be followed (e.g., one voice speaks at a time, polite debate occurs, and all opinions are honored). In order for an online discussion assignment to be considered complete, the student must effectively and adequately cover the assigned topic, reference the course text and other sources with appropriate APA citations, meet the 400 word minimum, the responses to classmates must be developed in a manner that furthers the conversation and learning, the spelling, grammar, and writing must be appropriate, and the online discussion assignment must be submitted on time. Interactions should be thorough, thoughtful and facilitate the learning community’s growth. Discussions will be reviewed on a weekly basis. Contribution toward the course grade total will be based on the pattern of demonstrating these characteristics. Please remember, initial posts should be submitted by deadline.